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Timglobal Institute of Technology welcomes you to timglobal.net, an online web platform that equips you with ICT information and skills needed in the global knowledge economy. We are an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) integration firm with expertise in Software development, Networking, Integration of Disparate Applications & Technologies coupled with IT Consultancy/ Advisory services.

Also an Institute of Technology and consulting outfit, we have developed the most critical and fundamental Technical Support, Website Design & Development, Programming, Accounting and Networking certification programs required by the IT industry.


Timglobal students are breaking records in their International Certification Exams and have become contributors in the global knowledge economy.


Timglobal is the originator of the ''Wake up the Engineer in You'' series on campuses and a Foremost Authority on IT Career development and also '' School of Productivity'' We have a vision of developing the most comprehensive website with information on, Accounting, Technical Support, IT Training & Certification, Job Opportunities, Careers and ICT for development. 


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