We at Timglobal Institute of Technology are greatly committed to promoting our students' high academic and personal achievements in this field and we have a genuine passion to see our students’ succeed in their chosen field of study.


Our School of Science was created to train students for careers in research and technology such as government research, universities research, and industrial research laboratories. Under our auspices, our students experimented and are on the verge of producing HYBRID ELEVATORS which will not require power to operate. We encourage innovation and creativity and our theoretical lectures are fully backed by practical classes to drive home the message.


Creativity, innovation, and an individualized experience are the hallmarks of our School of Science. With a very large focus on computer science,  Timglobal Institute of Technology believe hands-on learning, from day one, leads to success and this is why we work tirelessly round the clock to help you graduate on time; ensuring that each academic session starts and ends at the right time while maintaining quality standards in producing quality graduates from our School of Science.


Diploma programme in Human Anatomy (ND) is designed with an overall aim of producing/training individual/Scientists with in depth knowledge of human anatomy and research for clinical, laboratory, entrepreneurship and innovative applications. Objectives are:

▪ Train individuals with in depth knowledge of human anatomy in other to:

▪ Expose individuals to various fields of applied anatomy

▪ Produce individual with an action plan and blueprint to address challenges in the

  health sector and society at large

▪ Ignite research skills and innovation in individual candidate

  at completion of the programme, candidates would be able to:

▪ Join a BSc. Programme in Human Anatomy at 300 level

▪ Work in a research institute and advance in a research career

▪ Engage in various industrial oriented researches

▪ Advance career in health and other related fields

▪ Set up various entrepreneurial centres in applied human anatomy.


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