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Ivan Strom explains: "Guthixian Druids found that RuneScape gold plants receive nutrients from the ground beneath them via their roots." The knowledge of Saradomist-smiths were later applied to these plates. If you burn Vyreguards you could get an adamant or rune version of these legs. If you fire Vyrelords, you could get adamant or rune versions of those legs.

I also know that you guys will be asking why Legacy of Seergaze has not mentioned the conspiracy you witnessed. To that, I say that the plot you saw is far more extensive than Myreque quests. It's more likely to be in the sequel to While Guthix is asleep than Legacy of Seergaze.

My computer was my first port of call this morning. I was wondering what could be the reason why smithing isn't as effective as it could be. I looked over the GE price bars and noticed that they were WAY higher that the final product on a lot of the items. My theory is that the problem lies in demand and supply. There are too many products that end up in the market, not enough bars are being produced. Here's my suggestion...

The end product should be easily broken down into bars. A grinder should be placed in certain furnaces. This grinder can be used to crush any item (of a certain type of metal), by putting them into the grinder and then getting [metaltype] pellets. Where x is the number of many bars are required and metaltype is what type of metal you chose to use.

These pellets can be stackable however they do not require any smithing skills. They are able to create bars by heating them up in a furnace. There are 2 pellets for bronze to mithril and 3 pellets for adamant+. Making bar-shaped bars is a good way to get 1/3 of OSRS buy gold the experience you would get when you would make a bar normally.

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